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Climate change and energy

Renewables must respect the landscape they will help protect. Renewables must respect the landscape they will help protect. Photo: © CPRE


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Place-responsive solar design

A handy, visual guide to help you use solar design that fits in with your building and local environment. Based on our 2016 report 'Ensuring Place-Responsive Design for Solar Photovoltaics on Buildings'.

The issues:

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Climate change is altering our cherished landscapes 

Climate change is real. It is already taking its toll on the English countryside. And if it isn’t stopped, within a few decades it will have altered many of our most cherished landscapes forever.


Renewables must respect the landscape they will help protect

Lobbying for planning that reduces our energy use

We are lobbying for changes in the planning system, because this is where some of the most important decisions are taken. We want planning to support developments that reduce our energy use and minimise the advance of climate change.


Energy efficient housing.

Huge home energy efficiency drive needed

Our latest research shows that we need to massively reduce energy demand from our homes to tackle the impacts of climate change, reduce bills and avoid widespread damage to the countryside.

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