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Local transport

Local transport Photo: © Kamyar Adl

CPRE view

CPRE wants to see local transport improved so that there is genuine travel choice across England and dependency on car use is reduced

To help achieve our vision we are campaigning for a national transport policy of ‘smarter travel first’, which will mean improving sustainable local transport so that road-building becomes the option of last resort.

Current issues

How local transport is delivered is hugely important to every community. For work, education and for leisure, people need safe and affordable travel choices to make those local journeys. Taking buses, walking and cycling are all key for local transport but all are under serious threat from funding cuts and wider Government policies.

Just like with the rollout of superfast broadband, it makes little sense to leave out the last mile connections between homes and business - and connecting rural areas can also be really beneficial. But funding is being prioritised for longer distance travel.


The issues:

Buses thumb copyright Larry Warr

Millions of people in England rely on their local bus service

Find out more about this issue and the impacts that cuts to local authority budgets have on your local buses.

The issues:

rural cyclist thumb copyright Michael Stokes Shutterstock

Cycling is one of the most enjoyable and efficient ways to get around.

Find out more about this issue and our vision for safer cycling for everyone.

The issues:

couple walking thumb

Walking makes up 78% of trips under a mile taken in England

Find out more about this issue and our vision for safer walking for everyone.


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Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy

Find out why why an ambitious Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy will be good for England.

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