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Meet Louise - our new Volunteering Development Officer for the East Midlands

Louise and her Refiesta crew Louise and her Refiesta crew

Louise joins us to help our local groups in the East Midlands attract and develop new volunteers. She shares her love of raising awareness of everyday environmental issues, and how teaching English as a second language started her on her volunteering journey.

What has been your favourite volunteering role?

I'm currently loving my role as a 'washer up' for Refiesta, a Leicester-based initiative that supplies re-usable plates, cutlery and cups at local festivals and events, and washes them up so they can be used again and again.

We have great fun talking with festival-goers, many of whom are very happy to reduce single use plastic and donate their £1 deposit to the project (and we get to join in with the festival fun!) I love being part of a team, doing something practical and raising awareness of everyday environmental issues.

What inspired you to get involved in working in volunteering?

As a student I volunteered to teach English as a second language. It was a challenge I enjoyed and I met a whole host of people I otherwise wouldn't have.

I developed many skills and realised that, although English wasn't my favourite topic, I enjoyed teaching, and it opened up work opportunities for me after that.

It took a few years to realise the full impact of those experiences and how much I had benefited. What I love about volunteering is that both sides win: volunteers can get as much out of volunteering (a sense of teamwork, satisfaction, developing skills), as we contribute to the project.

What are you looking forward to in your new role?

I am looking forward to applying my experience of recruiting and supporting volunteers in different kinds of projects and roles, working closely with CPRE local charities.

There is so much passion for the projects and issues CPRE engages with. It’ll be great to be part of a team supporting local groups so that they can reach out to more people, engage them, find ways to increase involvement, achieve results and celebrate them together.

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