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Lobbying for planning that reduces our energy use

Renewables must respect the landscape they will help protect Renewables must respect the landscape they will help protect Photo: © TPS

We are lobbying for changes in the planning system, because this is where some of the most important decisions are taken. We want planning to support developments that reduce our energy use and minimise the advance of climate change.

We have seen recent changes to planning rules which are a first step in the right direction – but so far, they don’t go far enough. We support the principle of generating renewable energy from the wind, the sun and the sea to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. But we also want a planning system that balances the urgent need to stop climate change with the need to preserve and protect the countryside we already have – not one that damages it further.

As part of this, we’re campaigning for rigorous rules over where wind turbines can be sited, so that they have the least impact on the landscape.

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