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Place-responsive solar design on buildings

Place-responsive solar design on buildings

A handy, visual guide to help you use solar design that fits in with your building and local environment. Based on our 2016 report 'Ensuring Place-Responsive Design for Solar Photovoltaics on Buildings'.

Clean and uncluttered

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This installation’s solar PV panels complement the roof’s solar thermal panels, as all are identical in size and colour, as well as they complement the building’s blue colour. Aided by the roof’s symmetrical layout, the panels are installed symmetrically, and fully cover the roof, giving the installation a clean and uncluttered feel. Image: Viridian Solar (Cornwall)

A living wall in a tree-lined street


The louvres at this apartment building are designed to blend in with the local tree-lined environment, using three shades of green and gold solar PV cells The panels. The vertical panels are identical in size, are installed symmetrically, and are designed to look like a living wall. Image: Romag (London)

Barely there: greenhouse framed


Greenhouses present a great opportunity to use building integrated solar panels due to their optimum position with regard to the sun. The solar PV glass in this domestic greenhouse is supported by green frames, complementing the colours of its surroundings, and unobtrusively blending in with its environment.  Image: Polysolar (unknown location in England)

Blending in: listed buildings


Finding a solar solution that works with a Grade I listed building can be tricky, to say the least. However, St Paul’s Church in Devon has done just that using solar slate that matches the tiling and colour of the church roof. According to the Reverend Chamberlain, “they have allowed us to preserve the look of the church while generating renewable energy and lowering our carbon footprint.” Image: Solar Century


For the full range please see our guide: Ensuring Place-Responsive Design for Solar Photovoltaics on Buildings

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