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Get involved in planning your neighbourhood

It's a great time to get your community together to plan your neighbourhood It's a great time to get your community together to plan your neighbourhood © CPRE

Neighbourhood Development Plans help communities secure the protection and enhancement of their local environment while providing housing, business, transport and energy development where they feel it is needed.

The Localism Act received Royal Assent on 15 November 2011 and introduced Neighbourhood Development Plans which should allow communities greater influence on planning issues like allocating sites for new housing.

The contents of these plans will be very much up to the communities preparing them and the Act also gives communities the power to grant planning permission in some cases, by allowing the local parish council to act as the local planning authority.

The Act also gives communities a 'right to build' by encouraging communities to sponsor small scale developments that benefit their neighbourhood, such as housing, shops and community facilities. If supported by a local referendum, schemes could bypass the usual requirements for planning applications.

The opportunities provided by the Localism Act mean that there has never been a better time to get involved and shape where you live.

Supporting Communities and Neighbourhoods in Planning

In partnership with the National Association of Local Councils (NALC), we have been given further funding to continue our successful programme offering practical support to communities with their neighbourhood plans until March 2013.

John Hoad, Head of Planning at CPRE says:

‘Through the Supporting Communities and Neighbourhoods in Planning programme we have already worked closely with over thirty local councils on their neighbourhood plans and the support we’ve provided has been very well received. We’re excited that we’re now able to continue this and extend help to more towns and villages.’

In addition to general advice our programme offers tailored neighbourhood planning support and neighbourhood planning workshops.

Tailored support
Communities that have already started developing their Neighbourhood Plan can apply for tailored support to help them turn their neighbourhood planning aspirations into reality.

We are running a number of neighbourhood planning workshops to help those communities that want to develop a Neighbourhood Plan to get started.

Advice and guidance
We provide advice and guidance on the planning system through this website, 'Planning Help', via a telephone hotline, through publications and e-learning modules.

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